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Is there a Chip's Challenge II?
There is in fact a Chip's Challenge II. It was written by Chuck Sommerville, the same person who created the original Chip's Challenge when he worked for Epyx. The game is finished, and Chuck desperately wants to release it; unfortunately, he does not own any rights to the game. When Epyx went bankrupt in 1991, it was sold to Bridgestone Multimedia (now Alpha Omega Publications, http://www.aop.com/) along with the rights to all Epyx games, including Chip's Challenge. Bridgestone is refusing to publish Chip's Challenge II or allow it to be published by anyone else unless Chuck puts up some of his own money. That has been the situation for a few years, and this is not likely to change.

However, there is some good news. Chuck is currently working on another game, called Puzzle Studio. Since it avoids use of the Chip's Challenge trademark and code, the legal issues that plague Chip's Challenge II will not be a problem. Not very much information is currently available about this game, other than that it will be a long time in development.

Also, you may want to check out Tile World, a free clone of the original Chip's Challenge written by Brian Raiter (see (Xref) Tile World), and Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2, the sequel to the original level pack created by Chip's Challenge fans (see (Xref) What is Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2?).
I recently received an email from Chuck summervill(chips challange creator).He said he gets the chips challange 2 stuff alot.He also said he sometimes thinks he shound go ahead without getting in trouble with his company.puzzle world isn't going well either.
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