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Chip’s Challenge FAQ

(Category) Chip's Challenge FAQ
Welcome to the Chip's Challenge FAQ! This is a list of frequently asked questions, written by members of the Chip's Challenge community. If you have a question about the game, look for it in the categories listed below.

Please do not email me your questions. If you're having trouble finding an answer, try using the Search button, located near the bottom. If your question isn't answered in this FAQ, ask it in our newsgroup; see (Xref) The Chip's Challenge newsgroup.

Feel free to add answers, but please try to keep them organized. See (Xref) Contributing to this FAQ.
(Answer) What is Chip's Challenge?
(Answer) Where can I get Chip's Challenge?
(Answer) Is there a Chip's Challenge II?

(Category) The Chip's Challenge newsgroup
(Category) High scores
(Category) Level hints and solutions
(Category) User-created levels
(Category) Microsoft's version of Chip's Challenge
(Category) Tile World
(Category) Miscellaneous

(Category) Other Chip's Challenge websites

(Category) Contributing to this FAQ
(Category) Playground—If you're just testing Faq-O-Matic, please use this category.
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