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Older/historical pages

Richard Field’s Chip’s Challenge Page
An older information page that has become a “museum of the Chip’s Challenge game.”
Chip’s Plus
Alice Voith’s page, full of tips and information but not updated since 1998.
The MSN Charter Chipsters
Kathy LaPeir’s page about the small band of dedicated Chip’s Challenge fans that started it all.


Mike Lask’s Chip’s Challenge Site
Chris’s Chip’s Challenge Club
Chip’s Challenge Homepage Denmark
dumbledore3’s CC page
catgirlaed’s CC page
Carl Grafmuller’s CC page
Chip’s Challenge CyberCafe
Andrew Gapic’s Chip’s page
Chris E.’s CC page
Chip’s Challenge Hint Book
Andrew Ekstedt’s CC page
Pocket Chip’s Challenge
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