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Chip’s Challenge solutions

Here you will find animated solutions to Chip’s Challenge levels in AVI format. Times listed in bold are the best times recorded for the level. Each AVI is followed by the initials of its creator.

For more information, please visit our newsgroup, using either your newsreader or the web-based interface.

Note: please do not use “download accelerators” or “web spiders” to download these files. My server’s bandwidth is limited, so they will not make your download any faster. They only put an unnecessary load on my server and internet connection. Thank you.

Key to creators’ initials:

AB: Andrew Bennett
AG: Andrew Gapic
AK: Anders Kaseorg
AV: Alice Voith
BR: Brian Raiter
BW: Brandy Whipkey
CC: “CCExplore”
DB: Dale Bryan
DT: Drew Thomas
ES: Eric Schmidt
FJ: Finn Jepsen
HF: Hallgeir Flø
JH: Jeanne Hoffman
JV: Jimmy Vermeer
LJ: Larry Jackson
LL: Luc Longpré
ML: Mike Lask
MP: Maybelle Poole
PG: David “pie guy” Stolp
PJ: Paul Jackson
PL: Pekka Lassila
RS: Ruben Spaans
SS: Shmuel Siegel
TL: Tom Li
TR: Tom Rowe
TS: Tom Sabbe
WA: Warwick Anderson
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