README for ChipCap version 2.0.1

(released December 16, 2002)

What is ChipCap?

ChipCap is an AVI capture utility, designed specifically for capturing animated solutions to the computer game Chip's Challenge. Here are some of its features:

Note that since ChipCap is very specific to Chip's Challenge, it will probably not work for other programs. If you are looking for a more general AVI screen capture utility that works for all programs, try SnagIt, located at:


Simply copy ChipCap.exe and ChipHook.dll into some folder on your hard drive, such as C:\Program Files\ChipCap\.

Using ChipCap

To start ChipCap, run ChipCap.exe. It will put itself in the system tray. All the functions of ChipCap can be accessed by right-clicking on the system tray icon.

To capture an AVI, start Chip's Challenge, and then either left-click on the system tray icon or press F11 on your keyboard. If all is well, the system tray icon will turn green and start flashing, and ChipCap will start capturing. When you're done, press F11 again to stop capturing. The AVI will be saved as "capture.avi", in the same folder that ChipCap is located in.

To select 5fps mode instead of 10fps, right-click on the system tray icon and select 5 Frames per Second before capturing your AVI. 5fps AVIs are smaller than 10fps AVIs, and can be even smoother for levels that don't have a lot of boosting.

To exit ChipCap, right-click on the system tray icon and select Exit ChipCap.


Known Bugs and Limitations


2002-12-16: version 2.0.1

2002-12-10: version 2.0

2002-03-18: version 1.2

2001-11-06: version 1.1

2001-11-03: version 1.0.1

2001-10-12: version 1.0


ChipCap was written by Anders Kaseorg. My e-mail address is <>. You can post any questions or feedback to the Chip's Challenge newsgroup:
  <news://> (NNTP)
  <> (WWW)

To browse through the library of AVIs created by Chip's Challenge fans, go to:
(Many of these AVIs were made before ChipCap was released, and were captured with SnagIt instead of ChipCap.)