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What are the rules for posting to the newsgroup?
Well, more or less the obvious: anything related to Chip's Challenge is probably okay, and anything else is probably not okay.

But keep in mind the following:

1) Please do NOT ask anyone on the newsgroup for a copy of Chip's Challenge. Don't even e-mail us individually. We are legally obliged to obey the relevant copyrights, so we are not supposed to make illegal copies for others. If you are really desperate, do a search for "Chip's Challenge" on Google, and you're likely to find what you want far more efficiently than asking the newsgroup.

2) Please do NOT post level sets you designed to the newsgroup. I mean, you can, but the right place to do so is really here:


The newsgroup is not meant for distributing new level sets. You can, however, post a message about your new level set and include a link to the file.

3) Please avoid posting large files (> 100K) to the newsgroup. Instead, try to put the files into your own webpages, and just post a link to it on the newsgroup.

4) Keep in mind that the intended use for the newsgroup is for people to post their high scores on various levels. Also common are people asking for help on various levels.

You can post to the newsgroup either via a newsreader software, or via the web portal designed by Anders Kaseorg. In either case, you are required to type in something for "your name" and "your e-mail address". If for privacy reasons you don't want to do so, just give an alias for your name, and an obviously fake e-mail address (that still looks like an e-mail address). For example, using "anonymous" or "newbie" for your name and "dontspamme@mymailbox.com" for your e-mail is a pretty good indication to others that you are trying to post anonymously.

We encourage you not to post anonymously however.
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