FAQ - My scores suck. What should I do to improve them?

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My scores suck. What should I do to improve them?
There's a lot to be said about this question. However, here's the general way to go about it:

1) find a good route, or improve upon your existing route
2) try to internalize the route, so that you can execute your moves without making much mistakes
3) make sure you know all the bag of tricks available in the MS game engine that plays in favor of your score (see link at bottom)

#1 is more important than you might realize. Often levels or parts of levels that seem to have "only one way to do it" might turn out to have other, more non-obvious ways to solve it that can substantially save time. #2 is basically just the same trick you use to become well at anything: "practice, practice, practice".

Much has been said about #3; see the following website for a primer (courtesy of Jimmy Vermeer):

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