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How do I play the new levels?
There are several ways to play new level sets. The easiest way is to use Tile World, Brian Raiter's free clone of Chip's Challenge, which has built-in support for multiple level sets. See (Xref) Tile World.

The other two options require that you already own a copy of the Microsoft version:

ChipEdit, the Chip's Challenge editor, has a playtest feature that you can use to play new level sets. You can download it at http://www.stage62.com/chipedit/.

Or, you can use MyChips, which makes a seperate copy of CHIPS.EXE and ENTPACK.INI for each level set you want to play. Download it at http://homed.inet.tele.dk/amolsen/MyChips.zip.
Or, you can download Chip's Controls, at http://www.pillowpc2001.net/chips/controls/. You have two options with this program: you can create an EXE for every level set with a separate score file for each set, or you can play all level sets using one score file.
Or, yet another way, is via either the CCLM (Chip's Challenge Level Manager) or CCEdit's playtesting mode. Both programs can play the levelset in either MS's Chip's Challenge or TileWorld. They are both part of CCTools, and can be downloaded at http://www.freewebs.com/cctools . CCLM will also allow you to create a custom EXE, as well as providing you with a score viewer and (in the future) a score manager.
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