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Mike L's Web Site
Check out my web site, at http://www.pillowpc2001.net/chips/. My site includes:

- A list of almost all custom level sets available on the Internet (http://www.pillowpc2001.net/chips/levels.htm)
- An updated page of the CC1 and CCLP2 records (http://www.pillowpc2001.net/chips/scores/)
- Chip's Challenge AVI solutions, a more updated page with animated solutions to all CC1 and CCLP2 levels (http://www.pillowpc2001.net/chips/avis/)
- My Chip's Challenge level set, animated solutions for it, and people's scores on its levels (http://www.pillowpc2001.net/chips/MikeL2/)
- My program Chip's Controls, to make playing Chip's Challenge levels easier (http://www.pillowpc2001.net/chips/controls/)
- My other programs, including a game based on Chip's Challenge (http://www.pillowpc2001.net)
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